Imani Services Overview

Imani will gain your confidence by aggressively pursuing marketing opportunities for you, such as product endorsements, trading cards, outings, exhibitions, clinics, personal appearances, charity events, and speaking engagements.


Full Spectrum of Services
Imani Sports offers a full spectrum of services. Our team will work tirelessly to maximize your value. The bottom line is that we seek to build strong relationships with our clients, based on trust, communication, and results. After considering the advantages and disadvantages of each opportunity, we will present the opportunity to you for a final decision. We will always stand by your decision and will deliver what we promise.


Execute a Play Designed Specifically for You
Our services also include guiding and assisting you through the day-to-day rigors associated with life as a professional athlete. From fan mail to travel arrangements, our team's efforts enable you to concentrate on your profession.


Combine and Pro-Day Training
Should you desire assistance with your athletic training needs, Imani Sports has countless contacts within the sports industry that can provide you with the highest level of NFL Draft Preparation and Pro-Day training.


Secure Your Future
We have also assembled an external team of experts to oversee your financial planning, insurance, accounting, and tax services. If you so desire, we will act as a liaison between you and these experts. Click on the following link as an example of one of outside teams:  financial planningaccounting & tax servicesinsurance & risk management and post career planning.