NFL Draft Preparation

The NFL Scouting Combine, All Star Game Appearances, NFL Team workouts and visits, NFL Team interviews, Pro-Days and the NFL Draft are your gateway into the NFL.

It is an absolute necessity that you the client are put in the best possible position to achieve optimal results. With the assistance of IMANI, you the Client will always be ready to perform at Elite status. We are here for you and will always protect you, the client

At IMANI Sports we insure you are ready and prepared both physically and mentally at every stage of the process. The draft preparation and schedule leading up to the NFL draft can be rigorous and IMANI's experience will help you navigate your way through the difficult process with ease and comfort.

We develop a gameplan and follow it from inception to completion so you can maximize your performances and ultimately your draft position. We arrange for specialized speed, agility, weight and skills training to increase and maximize your performance. We provide nutritional counseling through a licensed professional, massage therapy and chiropractic care as needed, but most of all the personal training necessary to succeed.  Additionally, IMANI assists in interviewing techniques through mock interviews, use of sports psychologists and other practice techniques. IMANI through its Draft Plan strategies will always have you best prepared to go into any stage of the draft process with the utmost confidence and always knowing exactly what is expected.

IMANI will also schedule all of your NFL team workouts and NFL team visits to always guarantee peak performance.

IMANI maintains constant contact with all NFL teams and decision makers throughout the process marketing you to all members of a team including regional scouts, cross checkers, college scouting directors, assistant GM's and GM's.  We also speak directly to the Head coaches, coordinators and position coaches to insure everyone in the organization knows who you are and what you can do on and off the field. We will provide all feedback to you at every stage. We perform in depth analysis of every team's needs and where in the draft or through free agency they will be addressing those needs and use the information in our marketing of you.

IMANI will attend any and all All Star games that you play in as well as the NFL Combine/Pro-Days. We will be by your side throughout and together we can make dreams become a reality. IMANI will cater to your individualized needs and together as a team will work toward putting you in the best possible draft position.