Post Career Planning


Imani Sports will assist you in preparing for life after football. We believe the best time to prepare is while you are in the league as a player. We will help you transition to post career opportunities and help you leverage your pro career into other off-the-field interests. Imani will guide you through this phase of your post-NFL career. Working alongside of our recommended advisors, we will help you achieve financial independence after playing the game you love.

The average career of an NFL player is just shy of 3 years (statistically shown).  That said, there are many ways to use the education you received while in college and put to work the skills you developed over the years as a competitor at the highest level.  Preservation is the key and being aware of the pitfalls (life after the NFL) will help you elevate your transition into another exciting opportunity in life beyond football.  Imani will help you filter out all of the noise that may come your way by being around the NFL and break down the real from the not so real.