Below are some comments from our clients:
"My feelings about Imani Sports can be summed up in the meaning of the word Imani. Imani means to believe, and that is exactly what I have chosen to do. I believe in Imani Sports as an agency that truly cares for its clients, and I believe in Chris Murray as my agent and, more importantly, as my friend!"
---Ben Utecht, Retired NFL Tight End

"Chris has done an excellent job for the past three years representing me!  It's been a long journey to the NFL thus far, but he has continued to keep his faith in my ability and I am thankful for the work he has done"
--Austin Signor, Kicker, Chicago Bears
"I want to thank Chris Murray and Imani Sports for the fantastic job they have done in representing me.  They have believed in me from the start and are very helpful guiding me throughout this process.  Without Imani Sports I would not be where I am today."
--Stephen Goodin, Offensive Lineman, NY Giants
"Chris Murray and the Imani Sports staff are truly second to none in representing not only me but other athletes as well.  This transition has been a very important step in my career and, thanks to Chris, I have had a chance to fulfill one of my childhood dreams.  Honesty is something Chris values, and he will tell you exactly where you stand.  I am very blessed to work with someone I can trust and consider him not only a great agent but also a great person and friend.  I look forward to working with Imani Sports in the future and thank them for all they have done for me."
--Marcus Sherels, Cornerback/Returner, Minnesota Vikings
"Chris Murray is a reliable agent and will do what he can to get you where you want to be.  Imani Sports has helped me to create an opportunity that changed my life.  I'm blessed to have found Chris Murray and the Imani Sports agency."
--Ramon Humber, Linebacker, New Orleans Saints

"Chris has been an valuable asset to me in establishing my professional career to date. He has utilized his NFL relationships and years of experience to position me in a place where he believes I have the best chance to succeed. Chris has been a straight forward communicator with me and sincerely cares for each of his clients."
--Carter Bykowski, Offensive Tackle, San Francisco 49ers
"I have had a great experience working with Chris and the people at Imani.  They have been very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the transition to the NFL, and they have worked in my best interest .  I have complete trust in Imani and I'm excited to be working with them"
--Mike Higgins, TE, New Orleans Saints
"Chris Murray and Imani Sports have believed in my ability from day one and have made my childhood dreams come true!  Chris is not only a great agent but also a great person and friend.  I have been blessed to have Chris and Imani Sports represent me in my NFL career."
--Kole Heckendorf, Wide Receiver, Indianapolis Colts
"Chris has been extremely helpful throughout my transition into the NFL.  He is always there to answer my questions and help me with any big decisions involved with football.  I trust Imani completely with my future.  I am very fortunate to have Chris and Imani Sports in my corner!"
--Derek Domino, Linebacker, Denver Broncos
"Chris Murray and Imani Sports have helped me through this uncertain time in my life, helping me move from college to the NFL.  Imani helped me create an opportunity that  has changed my life, and I am confident that, without them, I may not have had all the same opportunites."
--Tom Nelson, Safety, Chicago Bears
 "I cannot say enough about how well Chris and the staff at Imani treated me. Since day one with Chris, I have received the best training and support services available. I feel comfortable talking with him about on and off the field situations and I trust his advice.  My professional career is just getting started and I am looking forward to having Chris and the staff at Imani guide me throughout my career."  
--Matt Veldman, Tight End, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
"Chris Murray and Imani Sports gave me the opportunity to accomplish my dreams.  They believed in me, and I believe no other agency could have given me the same respect, effort, and perseverance that they did to get me where I am today.  I thank the whole staff for what they have done, and I am pushing forward with the same tenacity to continue our success."
--David Moosman, Center/Guard, Arizona Cardinals

"Chris Murray and Imani Sports have been very helpful in making a dream come true. Chris is a very knowledgeable agent, as well as being a great person. Chris and Imani care about the future of the athletes they represent and I completely trust in them. I'm excited to continue working with them during my career."
--Austin Wells, Tight End, Detroit Lions
"Imani Sports does the best job in the industry.  Chris helped me into a great position at the start of my career and was a friend to lean on when anything went wrong.  He was a great resource to have in my corner if I had any questions or concerns about anything.  He is an honest and intelligent man who looks out for the best interests of the people he works with."
--Trey Stross, Wide Receiver, Houston Texans
"Chris Murray and his staff at Imani Sports have done a tremendous job in representing me as a professional athlete.  I consider Chris to not only be my agent but also a very good friend."
--John DiGiorgio, Retired NFL Linebacker, Buffalo Bills
"Chris Murray and Imani Sports have helped get me the opportunity that I have long dreamed of.  Imani Sports has already exceeded my expectations in my professional career.  The professionalism and knowledge that Imani Sports has brought to me has helped me greatly.  I am thankful for the opportunity to work with Chris and Imani Sports."
--Brady Bond, Offensive Tackle, Baltimore Ravens
“Imani Sports has really jumpstarted my NFL career, and I feel that I could have not made it this far without the team at Imani Sports. They are always there whenever I need any assistance.  I am definitely pleased with how Imani Sports has helped with my career.”
--Horace Gant, NFL Wide Receiver, St. Louis Rams

Chris Johnson Chris Johnson #59 of the Chicago Bears awaits the start of play against the Cleveland Browns during a preseason game at Soldier Field on September 1, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Browns 24-14.

"I am very lucky to have Chris Murray represent me.  I know that Chris' hard work and perseverance will help me accomplish my dreams.  The entire staff at Imani Sports is willing to assist their clients on and off the field.  Not only can I trust Chris with my career, I can also say that I have developed a great friendship with him."
--Chris Johnson, Linebacker, Chicago Bears
"Chris Murray and the Imani Sports staff have created an opportunity for me to play in the NFL as well as having established a solid foundation for the start of my football career.  They have done everything in their power to help me get to where I want to be and have done so in both a professional and an honest way.  Chris is a dedicated agent who cares about the people he represents as well as the careers his clients wish to pursue."
--Matt O'Hanlon, Safety, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
"Chris Murray and his staff at Imani Sports have helped me find my path to the NFL.  They have not only helped me but also have done everything they can to help my family through tough times.  From the time I have been with Imani Sports, I am certain I can trust them to be there for me, not only on the field but off the field as well.  Chris has made me a believer in what he does for a living, and I look forward to working with him long into the future."
--Nate Swift, Former NFL Wide Receiver, Denver Broncos 
"Chris Murray and Imani Sports can be described in one word. . . amazing.  They have gone above and beyond to help me achieve a life-long dream, and I must say they've done a spectacular job.  It is truly a blessing to have an agent as supportive and motivated as Chris Murray."
--Donye McCleskey, Safety, Indianapolis Colts
"Even when I had only been involved with Chris Murray and Imani Sports for a short time, I knew I could truly say that I was blessed to have found them and have them in my life.  Chris has given me the opportunity to come from a Division II school to attain my dreams of playing in the NFL.  Chris and Imani Sports truly believe in what they do, and they have me as a full believer in them."
--Nick Urban, Former NFL Offensive Lineman, Minnesota Vikings 
"I cannot begin to tell potential future clients looking to sign with Imani what Imani Sports has done to help me with starting my future in the NFL.  Their representation is always professional while being genuine in every respect and also realistic of future goals.  I'm a true believer in Imani."
--Quentin Scott, Safety, Oakland Raiders
"Simply put, I wouldn't trust the future of my professional career with anyone but Chris Murray and Imani Sports.  Chris' knowledge and experience in working with the NFL is second to none, and his priorities lie with only doing what is best for me, my health, my family, and my career."
--Ryan Kees, Defensive End, Arizona Cardinals
"Chris Murray and Imani Sports have done an excellent job representing me.  They have believed in me and worked hard to get my name and information out to NFL teams, and their persistence has paid off.  In addition, I am always able to get into contact with Chris whenever I need something.  Chris is more than just my agent, he is someone I can definitely count on."
--Parker Douglass, Kicker, Cleveland Browns
"In the time that I've been with Chris Murray and Imani Sports, it has been nothing but a fun and exciting ride.  After meeting his family, having dinner, and watching one of his sons' basketball games, I knew that Chris was more than the right person for me.  I have all the trust in the world in my man Chris, and I look forward to working with him in the many seasons to come."
--Ronnie Palmer, Linebacker, Washington Redskins 
"Somewhere along the way in my Minnesota Golden Gopher football years, I realized that I wanted to attempt to play in the NFL.  When I finished my career with the Gophers, I was unsure how to go about accomplishing that goal.  Chris Murray and Imani Sports took me on as a client and, from that point forward, I didn't have to worry about the details.  I was able to focus on training and finishing school.  The Imani Sports organization is comprised of good people with the right skills who put their clients first."
--Barrett Moen, Defensive End, Seattle Seahawks


"Thanks to Imani Sports and Chris Murray for the persistent hard work and dedication you gave to finding me the best opportunity to succeed."
--Ryan Senser, Long Snapper, Seattle Seahawks
"Over the past years, Imani Sports and Chris Murray have given me the opportunity to display my talents on the NFL stage.  Chris believes in my ability to play at the highest level and proved that by visiting me during my time with the Amsterdam Admirals of NFL Europe.  Chris wants what is best for me as an athlete but more importantly as a young man."
--Justin Surrency, Former NFL Wide Receiver, Minnesota Vikings
“I have been with Imani Sports for several years and have been overwhelmed by the generosity and hard work that have been put forth on my behalf.  Chris Murray and his wife came to Germany to see one of my NFL Europe games.  I cannot emphasize enough what that meant to me.  It’s moves like that which display Chris’s character.”
---Aaron Hosack, Former NFL Wide Receiver, New Orleans Saints